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Welcome to Startup Dangal!

The ultimate battleground for startups to showcase their prowess and innovation in the entrepreneurial arena. As a premier platform, Startup Dangal is committed to fostering a culture of competition, collaboration, and growth, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to shine on a global stage.

Participation in Startup Dangal is open to startups of all sizes and industries, offering a level playing field for emerging ventures to demonstrate their potential. Whether you're a seed-stage startup with a disruptive idea or an established player looking to expand your reach, Startup Dangal welcomes you to join the fray.

During Startup Mahakumbh 4.0, Startup Dangal stage will be set for the most ambitious and promising startups to compete for recognition and rewards. Startups may nominate as per the following age of establishment criteria:

  • Early Age Startup : 0 to less than a year
  • Young Startup : 1 to 3 years
  • Mature Startup : 4 to 6 years
  • Veteran Startup : 7 to 10 years

STEPS for Nomination:

Stage 1 (Social Media Buzz):

  • Submit your nomination by filling up online form. Only 10 nomination per business category will be selected for next stage. Last date to file nomination is 25th of May 2024.
  • Prepare an attractive video of 3 to 5min, pitching for Startup Dangal. This video would be live on official YouTube channel of Startup Dangal. Last date of video submission is 10th June 2024.
  • Share your video link to your clients and community. Startups having top 10 highest likes on their videos till 20th June: 12.00 night will be selected for 2nd round.

Stage 2 (Audience Vote):

  • Selected Startups would display their products and services in allocated area at IndiaFirst Startup Expo 2024.
  • Startusp need to attract all delegates, visitors, investors to their respective booth and scan QR code mentioned on their passes from given scanner app.
  • The top 5 highest positive voting receiver startup in each startup categories (Early Age Startup, Young Startup, Mature Startup, Veteran Startup ) would be selected for Final Round of Startup Dangal.

Stage 3: (Dangal):

  • Display: Jury visit to selected startup booth before the Dangal and give points on the basis of following criteria.
  • Pitch Presentation: All 5 selected startups would be entering Startup Dangal Arena, and will be given 5 minutes to present themselves. Jury would give points as per the best presentation based upon how was the presentation clear, concise, and engaging? Did it effectively communicate the value.
  • Rapidfire: Rendom questions would be asked by the jury and check wheather startups has understanding of their business and the ability to handle tough questions? Startusp need to answer quickly and gain the additional points.

WINNER:  Highest scorer would be announced as winner of the category.

  • Winner would be receiving Startup Dangal Trophy
  • Would receive certificate from AICRA and Representative of Govt. of India
  • Would be receiving potential investment (*subject to negotiation with investor)
  • Would be getting AICRA Startup Support Package worth INR 3.00L

Join us at Startup Dangal and unleash your startup's potential as you compete, collaborate, and conquer new horizons in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of innovation, ambition, and success.


Add Company Registration certificate (pdf, jpg, png) only
  • Ticket to Startup Dangal
  • 1X1 Display Booth for
    3 Days
  • 5 Delegate Pass
  • 1 Category IndiaFirst Startup Award Nomination
  • 1 Food Coupon

  • Ticket to Startup Dangal
  • 2X2 Display Booth for
    3 Days
  • 7 Delegate Pass
  • 2 Categories IndiaFirst Startup Award Nomination
  • 2 Food Coupon

  • Ticket to Startup Dangal
  • 3X2 Display Booth for
    3 Days
  • 10 Delegate Pass
  • 3 Categories IndiaFirst Startup Award Nomination
  • 3 Food Coupon

  • Ticket to Startup Dangal
  • 3X3 Display Booth for
    3 Days
  • 15 Delegate Pass
  • 4 Category IndiaFirst Startup Award Nomination
  • 4 Food Coupon


INDIA First Startup Expo & Conclave'24

June 28-29-30, 2024, India International Convention and Expo Centre (YASHOBHOOMI) New Delhi, 110061

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